The Bon Life Financial Advantage

Bon Life Real Estate

$1,000,000 Transaction

3% commission

$30,000 Gross

After Bon Life Flat Fee & E&O =

$28,302 to $29,612 Paid to You

Traditional Brokerage

$1,000,000 Transaction

3% commission

$30,000 Gross

After Broker Fees & Splits =

$14,605 to $26,605 Paid to You

You Keep $1,697 to $15,007 MORE Per TXN With Bon Life!

The Bon Life Tech Advantage

Bon Life Website

  • Fully customizable

  • Personalize your blog feed

  • Create unlimited landing pages for lead capture

  • New Listing Templates for lead capture

  • Link your calendar for auto booking

  • Home Valuation Forms Linked to your cell phone

  • Admin users

Bon Life CRM

  • Automated Drip Campaigns

  • Buyer & Seller follow up automation

  • Social integration

  • Social media management

  • Automated pipeline triggers

  • Calendar integration

  • Deal management

  • Quick review requests

  • Digital phone number

  • VM Drops, dialer

Bon Life Mobile App

  • Full database management

  • Calendar management

  • Email & SMS

  • Direct Calling

  • Request reviews

  • Pipeline access

  • Create Tasks

*All Bon Life Packages come with a free one page website with Bon Life Root Domain and web page for each new listing.

*If you provide a domain we offer a full website with a Mobile App, unlimited landing pages, CRM & built in Automation for buyer & seller lead follow up, FREE. This CRM also includes social media management, voicemail drops & many other valuable features. VM, SMS & Email fees through the system would be your responsibility, billed monthly (Costs are subject to change).

*Beautiful Modern Marketing templates are also included for free.

*We require all marketing to be Bon Life Real Estate Branded including business cards, yard signs and flyers. Templates provided.

The Bon Life Strategic Advantage

Why does the Bon Life Real Estate Advantage matter for you? You can choose to utilize your earnings the way you want. Be strategic and offer rebates or incentives for prospective clients in order to win them over, re-invest your earnings into marketing or simply keep more money for yourself. Bon Life Real Estate wants to empower you and take your real estate career to the next level. Join us in disrupting California Real Estate.

Bon Life Real Estate Support

Are you a newer agent? Or an agent looking for more support? Bon Life Real Estate is proud to provide high level Broker support when you need it. From a simple contract question to the most unique and difficult questions, Bon Life has your back and we are here to help you. We will never take a mentor split or more commission if you need additional support.

Have a new listing? Bon Life will go above and beyond to market your listings through social media and strategic print advertising for free. That's right, for FREE. We believe you should focus on your business, don't get caught up in the busy work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Bon Life Real Estate Different than other 100% commission virtual brokerages?

Bon Life Real Estate is proud to be the only luxury branded 100% commission brokerage in CA. In addition to our incredible branding we offer more free tech tools and resources than any other brokerage in the country. We don't have any hidden fees and we are fully transparent with all costs associated with becoming affiliated with Bon Life Real Estate.

Can I switch Bon Life Plans when I want?

In most cases yes. There may be specific situations where Bon Life Real Estate will require you to close open escrows or give notice of your intent to change plans but we are willing to work with you in order to maintain our mutually beneficial working relationship. Please note that if you join Bon Life Real Estate's "The Merchant" plan you will not be refunded the annual $349 if you choose to change plans.

I'm a new agent, can I still join?

Yes! We encourage new agents to join Bon Life Real Estate. Many 100% Commission Brokerages will require new agents to join a team or give 50% of their commission to a mentor. Bon Life allows you to join under the plan of your choice. The Broker will provide you support as needed.

How much does it cost to join Bon Life Real Estate?

The Merchant plan requires a $349 charge up front for the annual membership. No monthly fees are required. That's about $7.30 per week to be a part of Bon Life Real Estate.

The Closer plan requires a $99 charge to start and $99 per month to maintain the membership.

The Vet plan requires a $199 charge to start and $199 per month to maintain the membership.

The Producer plan requires a $349 charge to start and $349 per month to maintain the membership.

Is the Tech really FREE?

We provide 2 options to each and every agent or team that joins Bon Life Real Estate.

Option 1: a FREE single page website with a Bon Life root domain for lead capture, contact info, your bio, home valuation request and buyer form submissions. This option does not come with the Bon Life CRM or Bon Life Mobile CRM App. We do also provide a web page with a Bon Life root domain for each and every new listing you get. We also provide a unique QR code for each web page for you to utilize on your marketing, business cards etc.

Option 2: you provide a domain of your choice (You can continue to host it yourself or we can host it for $15 monthly). This option comes with a full website that is cobranded with your logo (must be approved by the Broker) and Bon Life Real Estate. This option also comes with the Bon Life CRM which has far too many tools and resources to list here (Book a Call for a complete walkthrough) and the Bon Life Mobile CRM App. The only costs associated with this option is the costs for email marketing through the system, SMS and VM calling. (Costs are subject to change Inquire for current pricing). You must select a virtual number in order for the Bon Life System to work properly (You may choose the area code of the number). The cost for the virtual number is under $2. The system really is incredible so we encourage you to schedule a call to learn about all the features and benefits that will help you streamline and grow your business.

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